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Cadet Practical Field Training

The CPFT program includes training at Army Schools and special courses for Air Assault, Basic Airborne, Mountain Warfare, Northern Warfare, Cadet Field Training at USMA, Sandhurst Competition, SF Combat Diver Qualification Course, Cadet Leadership Development (Infantry) WHINSEC and University Officer Training Center in the United Kingdom.

Generally, in a typical year, the total number of CPFT allocations equals approximately ten percent of the cadet population at large. Battalion commanders will prepare, select and send to CPDT only those with the highest potential for completing the CPDT training and for being commissioned. Cadet Command pays for travel. Billeting and mess are provided by the installation in most cases. All cadets must meet the eligibility criteria to be selected. More information on the CPFT program can be found in Cadet Command Reg 145-3, Chapter 3, Section 3.


The Cadet Command CPFT representative can be reached at (502) 624-5530.

 Sandhurst Competition program manager can be reached at (502) 624-5953.

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