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Soldier & Family Programs

The Soldier & Family Programs staff also assist with many other issues relevant to living in a geographically dispersed environment.

Contact us at:
(502) 624-6238
or (502) 624-6239 with any questions and for more information.

The Soldier & Family Programs (S&FP) Mission is to meet the social service needs of Service Members and their Families regardless of duty location, thereby, supporting mission readiness.  Soldier & Family Programs offer several programs to assist our geographically dispersed population.


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Here are just a few of the programs that we offer for Inbound Cadre:


For Inbound Cadre



Many Cadre who PCS into Cadet Command will need to enroll into TRICARE Prime Remote if they are stationed more than 50 miles from a military treatment facility. Visit www.tricare.mil to change your enrollment status. TRICARE Prime Remote works similarly to TRICARE Prime in that beneficiaries are assigned to a Primary Care Manager who manages their care and referrals to specialty care.



The Relocation program offers Cadre and Family Members with information and details regarding their assignment to USACC and during their PCS out of Cadet Command.  Sponsors are available to all incoming Service Members in the ranks of Private through Colonel, their Families, and Army Civilians prior to their arrival at their unit.


Child And Youth Services (CYS)

Soldiers & Family Programs offers information and referral to agencies that provide fee assistance to Service Members and their Families who are outside of the areas of a traditional CYS program.  Assistance is offered through www.gsa.gov. Respite child care is also available for children of Active Duty Cadre who are away from their duty station in support of Cadet Summer Training.  Respite hours are available in the months of May through September for these Service Members and their Families.  Soldier & Family Programs also has information on child and youth issues such as summer camps, the Military Child Care in Your Neighborhood program.  Children of Service Members can also access the Boys & Girls Clubs as well a 4-H Clubs which are open to military youth in all 50 states.


Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

EFMP is a Department of the Army program which helps in the assignment process.  EFMP ensures that Service Members whose dependents have medical or developmental needs are assigned in areas where their needs can be met.  S&FP staff are available to assist with registering for, updating, and removing Family Members from the EFMP.  EFMP status must be updated every three years.  If your EFMP status will expire during your time at Cadet Command consider renewing your paperwork prior to your PCS as this process is faster while stationed at a military installation.  S&FP can assist with locating the nearest servicing EFMP Enrollment Office and providing information on local area resources to meet the needs of exceptional Family Members.


Leased Government Housing (LGH) Program

The LGH is a program designed to offset the high costs and difficulty of finding a suitable home while living in a geographically dispersed location.  Service Members relinquish their basic allowance for housing to the Corps of Engineers who provide housing and utilities to the Service Member.  Service Members must apply online for the LGH program prior to their arrival at their unit and must meet eligibility requirements.  There are a limited number of leases available each year for the LGH program.  Contact USACC Soldier and Family Programs at (502) 624-6238.


Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)

The Army Family Action Plan ensures the issues of the U.S. Army Cadet Command (USACC) Soldiers & Families are heard.  Issues can be submitted through www.myarmyonesource.com and will be worked at the lowest level possible.  Many of the issues brought up by the Cadet Command population can be managed by the Command at Cadet Command Headquarters.  Issues that aren't fully addressed at the Command level will be elevated to the TRADOC or Department of the Army level annually.


Family Readiness Groups (FRG)

Soldier & Family Programs staff are available to assist with starting a FGR, issues brought up by FRGs, and maintaining an effective group.


Army Volunteer Corps Program (AVC)

Through the Army Volunteer Corps Program USACC Soldier and Family Programs Division solicits and support the volunteer of Cadet Command. Volunteer positions such as FRG leader, FRG Treasurer, Sponsorship Assistant, Relocation Assistant, and AFAP Volunteer are available to Cadre, Staff, Family Members, and civilians. Volunteer openings can be found at www.myarmyonesource.com.


Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

The Family Advocacy Program provides advocacy services to victims and referrals to nearest servicing installation Social Work Service for all Family Advocacy cases.


Master Resiliency Training (MRT)

MRT was established by the Chief of Staff of the Army in 2008 to increase emotional resilience and enhance performance in Soldiers, Family Members, and DA Civilians.


Take the Global Assistance Tool (GAT) at armyfit.army.mil and see where you could improve your resilience.  Online training modules are available.